Lee Ann Setzer


Join Ruth on a richly-imagined journey—physical, emotional, and spiritual—from the land of her birth to the Promised Land. Both those who love the old story, and those who've never yet encountered it, will find something that resonates for them in this fresh and engaging tale.

Ruth thought her life was over. Widowed and penniless, she despaired of anything better than poverty and grief, whether in Moab or among her dead husband's people. Following her mother-in-law back to Bayt-Lahm would be less lonely. Ten years among the people of Jacob's Street had taught her the forms of their Law.

Yet Bayt-Lahm turned out to be more than a sleepy village, and its Lord more than the voiceless, powerless statues of Moab's gods. At least one man in Bayt-Lahm had honor and virtue beyond measure. The widower Boaz taught Ruth, and all who met him, what loving the Lord could really mean. Could she bring him to love her, as well?

Gathered: A Novel of Ruth

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